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BioMechanics of

Cell-cell contacts


The lab is composed of biologists, biophysicists, material  scientists and image analysts focused on deciphering the role of mechanics in cell cell interactions.

We take a holistic approach of the problem by conducting basic (curiosity driven), applied (technology driven), artistic (aestheticaly driven) and sustainable (ethically driven) approaches of the problem.

Under the spotlight

We focus on Adherens junctions and liver lumenogenesis.

We build artificial microniches and miniaturized microscopes.

We use single cells and organoids.

We treasure our curiosity and we praise our luck to be scientists.

Our Services

Holding together.

Do we really understand the underlying biophysical principles of cell-cell ahesion?

The Cell doublet model

Building livers one cell at a time.

How many cells does it take to form functional subunits in a liver?

The synthetic polarity project

 1000 organoids challenge.

Can we harness all the information reflected in the variety of development of organoids?

The Calipso project

Artificial microniches.

How to control the microenvironment around cells in a scalable and combiatorial manner?

The WELL project

Building a Greener lab.

Can we perform excellent biological research while being respectful of the the planet?

The green lab project

Art and Science.

How to make science and art mutually inspirational? What could the benefits be?

The Candid Eye Project

We need all kinds of talents!

Our projects are fast evolving and there are always some ideas in our drawers. Feel free to contact us. Positions available at all levels.

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