Feb 2020

Beghin A, Grenci, GG, Viasnoff V,

January 01, 2017

Cell Biology Plate.

Viasnoff, V. A., B.(2017) C. National university of Singapore.WT/TSF/maz/O.20170260 (3945/SG).Licensed12:00 PM


November 01, 2016

Integrable membrane filtration system.

Him Cheng Wong, V. V., Hong Yee Low.(2017). N. U. o. S. Singapore University of Technology and Design.TD/EPD/2016/037.

August 01, 2015

System and method of edge-illumination microscopy.

Viasnoff.V, Leveque, X., Sibarita J.B, Studer, V. and Galland, R.(2015).  CNRS.US 2016/0202462 A1.Licensed


August 01, 2015

Micro-textured surface with integrated micro-mirrors for 3d multi-scale microscopy

Viasnoff, V., Studer, V., Grenci, G., Galland, R. and Sibarita, J. B.(2015).  C. National university of Singapore.WO 2015030678 A1.Licensed

August 01, 2014

Cell culture

Viasnoff, V., Li Q.(2014).  C. National university of Singapore.WO 2014021778 A1.Licensed


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