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Building more sustainable lab practices

Have you ever wondered how much electricity is needed to do your research?

Have you ever wondered how many tons of CO2 you consume every year to travel the world to present our work?

Have you ever wondered how much power is needed to keep your old data on a server?

Have you ever wondered how many tons of plastics comes out of the lab every year?

We, as scientists are very supportive of climate warming alerts and unsustainable economy. What do we implement in our labs to fight wastes?

Our group tries to actively engage in a worldwide effort to rationalize our alb practices to make them greener. Thinking about how you perform you experiments and their environmental impact proves a poerful tool to optimize your research... surprisingly.

Here are a few references, websites and initiatives we participated to:

- Seven steps to make travel to scientific conferences more sustainable, Nature

- The Matcha Initiative, B2B list of green suppliers.

- ....

Typical energy consumption of a 100 people conference

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