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Virgile Viasnoff

CNRS and NUS Professor

Virgile Viasnoff was trained as a soft matter physicist at Ecole Normale Superieure of Paris. After one Year at Johns Hopkins (USA) as a master thesis, he joined ESPCI (Paris) where he did his PhD on the microrheology of aging colloidal system. He then spent a 2 year post doc in Harvard where he worked on nanopore technologies to study RNA folding kinetics. In 2006 he was recruited at CNRS at ESPCI in Paris where he worked on single molecule biophysics.

He joined MBI in 2010 as an Associate Prof working on cell-cell junction mechanics and microfabrication of patterned substrate for cell culture.


He is the Head of the CNRS/NUS joint lab

He is the co-funder of the startups Pickcell and Reflect.

He is an Expert for APM.

He was awarded an NRF investigatorship in 2018

Phone Number: +65 96 90 90 75

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